How to Look Your Best

Beauty for a wedding can mean different things to different people. For the bride it may mean the perfect hair style, makeup and dress on her wedding day. For the groom it may mean losing a few pounds and gaining muscle. Many people use a wedding as they do the New Year, a time for new resolutions. Looking your best is an integral part of your wedding and you can achieve this outcome by taking the following steps.

Taking Care of Yourself

If a healthy diet and sufficient sleep are not part of your regular day, make this important to you at least two months before your wedding. Take care of your self, when things start to get busy, you'll need the extra energy. There are numerous good books on healthy eating and exercise programs, or go to a gym and have a trainer start you on a program. Your engagement is a perfect time to start an exercise program and a healthy lifestyle.

Beauty Consultations

Your wedding is a perfect time to get treated like a star. You are going to have a gorgeous gown, a beautiful reception, and you want the perfect hair and makeup to accompany these. Make an appointment with specialists, one for hair and one for makeup, to discuss your upcoming wedding. First find out what their policies are on consultations. You may want to consult with a couples of salons before you make your selections, thereby you may incur an extra fee. But it's worth it to find the right place and person.

Two Weeks Before Your Wedding