A little Advice

Hey, you look great! You're both as handdsome as ever--get lots of photographs! How often are you going to hire a professional to take your pictures? Catch the two of yu in all kinds of poses: loving, silly, in action, and be sure to include interaction with family and friends. Get some great shots of you both in close up, informal and in loving poses. Get a great picture of the bride and her closest friends all in one big hug. This is a perfect holiday gift for your friends. Think of special pictures bedsides the normal list and make them happen!

Video Production

Many couples also choose to have a video made of their wedding. A video can capture your celebration in a totally different way than photos do--if you choose the right service. Unfortunately, it is often a waste of time and energy to have a friend videotape your wedding for you. There are so many integral details associated with videotaping, an amateur video is seldom the quality you want.

When choosing a video professional, make sure they understand the details that it takes to video a wedding. The best way they can demonstrate this is to show a wedding the have priviously filmed. It is important to look at the quality of the video and not just the people in it. Make sure the lighting and sound is good and the flow of the video is smooth. There are many inclusions that can be added to the video, but usually at an additional fee. Be sure to know exactly what is included in the video.

Preparing For the Video

Inform the video professional where you will be having the ceremony and reception, so he (or she) can determine in advance their lighting and set-up requirements. It is best if they have good quality cordless microphone so that your guests will not be bothered with a cord. You will also need to give the video professional an outline of ceremony and the reception so he may set up at the best locations before the action starts. Be sure to let him know everything you want to be filmed in addition to the ceremony and reception. Many couples like to have their guests talk into the camera and give toasts. You may want to assing the same person who is assisting the photographer or consider a second person if they need a lot of assistance.

Choosing a Photographer