Have a Clear Vision

The best time for you and your finance to sit sown and talk about your wedding vision is right after your engagement. Clarifying your expectations is very important. It is an essential starting point for planning your wedding. It is amazing what you will learn about your partner during this process. You should come to an agreement about the weddign style and how to include each individual's favorite things. Perhaps one of you may love music and feels that this is the top priority, while the other insists that the food is the premiere issue. Resolve these issues early, especially if they impact the budget.

the fewer last-minute decisions that have to be made, the more relaxing and stress free the wedding will be. Be willing to compromise on issues that really aren't all that important, and give lots of compliments to each other at this time. (And that's good advice for all your married years.)

Now that you have a general understanding about what your wedding will be like--the type of service, music, and time of day--you are ready to create your wedding outline. Write out a detailed outline! Continuesly check back with your outline as you put details together, and make certain the plans fit your budget.

Be sure your families, and the service provider (s) that you hire to help plan your wedding, understand your wedding vision. Thsi way evryone involved can picture the type fo wedding you want to reflect your future together.

Having Your Own Style

Many couples have a basic understanding of what their wedding style will be, especially those brides that have known forever what their wedding will be like. It can be enormous fun to plan a gathering and have it radiate with your own personal touches. It is not often you get this opportunity, so make the most of it.

If you are unsure of the wedding style you want, a little research will help. One of my favorite places to look at various styles is Martha Stewart Living, Special Wedding Issues. It visually displays up-to-date styles and it is an easy and inexpensive way to get great ideas. Many other bridal magazines have great ideas as well.

A wedding consultant can also be a tremendous help. They have an end-less supply of ideas, books and pictures of a variety of wedding styles. They can work with you on your outline and help you fill in all the missing pieces. The service provider (s) that you choose to work with can also help you determine your wedding style. If they have been in the wedding business a long time, they're seen many appealing styles. For example, the bakery will have pictures of cakes and the bridal shop will help you find the perfect dress. Remember, stick to your budget, it can be very easy to get carries away.

Important Questions to Answer