Example: A Guest at the Ceremony

Guests will arrive at the church at 10:45 a.m.; they will park they car in the parking lot behind the church; they will enter the front of the building; they will be ushered to their seat; they will watch the ceremony; be handed birdseed packages on the waay out the door; they will throw the birdseed at the couple; they will then go to the reception site and park in the lot next to the building.


Is there ample parking at the reception site? Do ushers know where special guests are sitting? Is there a special side of the room for the groom and bride? Who is passing out the birdseed? Does the church allow birdseed? Does everyone know how to get the reception? Who brings the flowers from the ceremony site to the reception?

Complete the Test
As you can see, there is a lot to think about. You will need to run throught the entire event several times. Every time you foresee a possible glitch, write yourself a note and then call the person in charge of that area to be sure he or she has addressed your concern.

Perform a Test For Every group
Do a test run-through for each of these groups: The guests at the ceremony, guests at the reception, bride through the whole day, groom through the whole day, entire reception outline, attendants, father of the bride, relatives, your service providers and so on...

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