How to Plan Your Big Day

Delegating Duties

Now that you see all the task inherent in presiding over a successful wedding , and you have begun contacting some businessed, you might be assking, "How are we going to pull this off?" Anyone with experience in event planning, will tell you the two most important steps. The first is delegate, delegate, delegate. The second is check up, check up, check up.

One of the best ways to delegate is to hire a consultant. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and it really helps to have a professional on your side. A consultant makes sure everything falls into place. You can have them so as much or as little as you want. They will help you decide what is best for your wedding. If you choose not to hire a consultant, then make sure you delegate many of the duties. Just think of yourself as the coach of a baseball team; the team does most of the work but you are guiding
the intere process. You and your key players will be following the same game plan if you all have see this website. As this website previously advised, create a list of things for each person to do, meet with that person (or call them if they are not near), ask for their assistance and make sure they feel comfortable doing what your are asking of them.

The easiest way to make sure all your bases are covered is to use this website's Ultimate Check List. Next to each item (and the ones you add) put a person's name who will be responsible for overseeing that item the day of the wedding. When your Check List is complete you can give everyone their own list of things to do.

A Planning Test

Let us share a little secret to use when planning events to make sure everything is in place. Once you have completed all the arrangements, or think you have, run "the best" described below.

The Test
Put yourself in the shoes of each person who has a different role, then in your mind, run through everything they have to do from start to finish. Every person, item, and activity should link. This will let you know if there is a missing link.

Example: A Guest at the Ceremony