How to Plan Your Reception

Researching Reception Sites

Choosing a location for your reception is one of the first items on your list. The waiting list for some of the most popular wedding reception sites can be a year or more. Even renting an elegant tent for an outdoor wedding can require lengthy advance notice. Don't delay. Once you start your wedding plans, start arranging for your reception site! During your site research, ask what their available dates are; if none of their dates work for you, even if they are otherwise perfect, you'll have to move on. This underscores the importance of early planning.

The variety of reception sites is amazing, ranging from casual to very elegant. Work within your budget to find the site htat is right for you. You'll save a lot of time when researching reception sites if you confirm when they are available and get an idea of their setting before you set out on a visit. Be sure to call ahead and set up a time they can meet with you. Thoroughtly reviewing a site can takes a lot of time from you and the proprietor. It would be sad if you if you drove a long distance to see a place and
the proprietors were too busy. It si essential that you visit the location you are considering for your reception site. This is a decision you don't want someone else to make for you.

If you have decided on a beach ceremony and/or reception, it is important to visit the actual beach location where you plan to share your vows. You should plan on spending the day or at least visiting at different times so that you are fully aware of how the beach look at different stages in the tidal range. Since high and low tides vary by day of the month and between the north and south coasts of New Jersey, there are too many to list here. A great source for current and future tidal information is the website.

Choosing a Site

Choosing a location has everything to do with size, style and type of wedding you want. Therefore, have a fairly clear image of the wedding you want before making site commitments. New Jersey has a wondelful selection of wedding reception sites. Many businesses listed in this website have years of experience working on a variety of wedding styles.

After you have visited a site and determined that it is what you want, ask the proprietors for references from other weddings. Envision hundred of your closets friends and relaives attending your wedding there. If the picture feels good, if they have treated you well, if the references check out, and if you have gone over all the questions in this chapter, you are ready to sign an agreement.

When you are looking over a contract, read everything. Make sure the services you requested are listed, if they aren't, discuss it. keep a copy of all signed contracts.