The Importance of Photography and Video

When all the guests have gone home, and the honeymoon is unfortunately over, the wedding photographs and video will always serve as a joyful reminder of your celebration. Selecting the right photographer and video professional are two of the most important decisions of your wedding. These professionals capture the moments forever on film and record a lifetime of memories.

Choosing a Photographer

The format, personality, style, formality and price of the pictures are issues to consider when choosing a photographer. The best way to evaluate photographers is to look at their portfolio. Remember, the portfolios represent the photographers bset work. If you like what you see, then explain what you want and ask if the photographer can fulfill your requests.

Fees for photographers' services can vary greatly. Ask for a breakdown of all the costs to understand what they will provide. Always choose a photographer with whom you feel comfortable! It's a must that you meet with the photographer in person. One photographer may be less expensive than another, but don't let price be the only consideration; go with the quality and the package with which you feel confident. These pictures are forever.

Must Have Photos

Once a photographer has been selected, specify a list of photographs which "must" be taken. Make sure you and the photographer know the layout of your wedding and the type of photographs tha you envision. Wedding photographers are profesionals and have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to the perfect shot and poses.

When the day finally arrives it is usually a good idea to assign a friend of a relative to assist the photographer. Once you have introduced the friend to the photographer, the friend can point out who everyone is. If the photographer has a question, they will feel confortable that they have someone they can approach without bothering the bride and groom.

A little Advice