Your Wedding

It is hard to accept that the most romantic day of a couple's life should fit within a budget, but that is reality. Just because there is a limit on how much you can spend on your wedding, doesn't mwan it won't be fabulous! Weddings are about love and sharing, qualities that can be demonstrated in inexpensive ways. Once you get all the money issues out of the way, you can concentrate in all the fun activities such as picking out food, testing cakes and trying on dresses!

Unknown and hidden weding expenses can get out of hand, which is the reason for a budget (and this guide site). It is important that you be realistic about what you can afford and what you want to spend. You can have a beautiful wedding and be cautious with your money.

Budgets are different for every couple. Many couples pat for their own wedding, whilw others get support from their families. Either way, work this out first so you do not have any surprises when the bill comes in. Dept and ill feelings about money dampen a romantic start to married life. Knowing your budget also allows you to be direct and up-frint with the wedding service

providers that you call. This will not only give them the price range to woek within, but will allow them to give you their best service. Toguether you can come up with a plan that will make you smile from ear to ear (good practice for the photos!).

The budget section in this site will give you an ideea of what amount is typically spent on specific items and wjo traditionally pays for them. But as you will be continually reminded, this is your wedding; choose what works for you.

Begin Your Wedding Plans

A wedding publicly expresses your love for each other by the bond of marriage. With your partner, discuss openly the type of wedding you both want. Be sensitive to each other's concerns and wishes; together you can plan a wonderful wedding. Remember that your wedding is a reflection of you---it should not be formed to fit someone else's standardized mold--which is the beauty and joy of bein you own wedding planner.

Have a Clear Vision